Thursday, December 31, 2009


Spending a very quiet evening at home; the poodles were very good to me in 2009. Norah earned her AX, AXJ, CDX and RE titles. Howie earned AXP, AJP, CDX and RE. And they both earned their first RAE legs.

In April the poodle-mobile headed east to Maryland for Poodle Club of America. Shelby ran in PCA's first ever TD test and passed. She was the only Toy entered. The test venue was tracking heaven!
Howie and Norah ran agility and did obedience. Lucy was a lady of leisure, along for the ride.

After our PCA aadventure the poodles and Don and I headed into Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and the SE USA. Saw amazing scenery, Civil War battlefields, had soem great food and some not so great motels. Wish we had taken the morohome.....sleeping in my own bed would have better. Made a stop in Texas to visit kinfolk then on to New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and finally home. 3.5 weeks, almost 8000 miles. We had a great time and am hopinmg to do a similar trip in a few years. Maybe to PCA then home via southern Canada.

Work had lots of changes in 2009 and I am grateful to have been retained. Working 3 days a week suits me and I work from home most days. The poodles keep me company.

The grandkids grew like weeds this year; they are getting so grown up. Being a grandma is a wonderful thing.

Looking forward to adventures just around the corner

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New RE titles

Howie and Norah finished their RE titles 11-07 in Salem, Oregon. Good little poodles

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Howie and Norah were really good to me again today each earning their second rally Excl leg. Norah had a 99 again and a three way tie.....for 2nd place. A really lovely PWD had 100 and won the class.

We will show again in two weeks to try and finish their RE titles.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rally Fun

Howie and Norah had their first attempts at AKC Rally excellent today and they both had nice runs and pretty green ribbons. Norah, being an over-achiever, won the class with 99 and a blue ribbon. There were a lot of exhibitors there who have been in my ring when I was the judge so it was really sweet of the poodles to make me look good :)

Back tomorrow for day # 2

Monday, September 14, 2009

Utility: the good stuff!

After finishing their CDX's in July, Howie and Norah are both chugging away at Utility work. I mostly train at home but we had fun at the local park this weekend with the poodles playing at utility work. Some moments of real comprehension and some "what the heck?" moments! Howie has his AXP and could he possibly think it is OK to go UNDER a bar jump??? Silly boy!

Today we went to the same park and set up in the same area and Norah was VERY good. Howie, well, he is Howie :) On the plus side, he did not try to go under the bar today; but on the minus side he isn't really "getting" the jumping part of Directed Jumping. How very odd that a competent agility dog would find that so difficult??? But his go-outs, articles, gloves and moving stand showed real improvement so I am sure the DJ will come. I am trying to get them out at least three times a week to work away from home and take advantage of our lovely (almost) fall weather. The rains will be here soon enough. I have been able to rent floor space twice a month starting in November so at least this year won't see me bundled up like an Eskimo to train outside. Actually it isn't the cold I hate so much as the wet....oh and the lack of daylight hours !

Sunday, July 26, 2009


photo from this morning

Sunday morning adventure

I went paddling this morning in my shiny new kayak; we saw two huge herons and some other smaller birds. It was a quiet peaceful time. The new kayak is not so shiny now. Then I took a nap with the poodles when I got home ! Lazy Sunday.

Friday, July 17, 2009

new CDX and HIT

Today was Howie's turn to be the star. He finished his CDX with 193 and 1st place in Open A and High in Trial. at the Columbia Poodle Club specialty show.........what a good boy Howie!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Title !!

what a difference a day makes! 32 degrees cooler, steady cold rain, lots of thunder and some lightening.....fortunately it was a bit away.

Norah had a nice run today although not quite as good as yesterday. But she was the only dog to pass in Open A and got 1st with 192 and her CDX title. This is my CDX # 12 starting back in 1968 with DeeDee (Keeshond). Who would think I'd still be doing this? And every title is so special.
Howie enjoyed the cooler weather and had an enthusiastic performance but an ill-timed clap of thunder was a bit too much for him on the Long Down. He is entered next Friday and Saturday so will try again

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Howie has a good day

Howie got his 2nd CDX leg today at a very HOT outdoor trial. 190.5 and first place.
Norah had a really nice run but did not come on the first recall command; her NQ was 167 and HIT was only 195.5 :(

We'll try again Sunday and the weather forecast is for much cooler

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Toy

My new Toy...............yes I can get in and out....not pretty but I can!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home again

We covered 7856 miles in three + weeks and had a wonderful adventure. After the dog show part, we drove part of the Blue Ridge Park way along the Shenandoah valley, into wild and amazing West Virginia and to Tennessee where we admired the Great Smoky Mts. Then a tiny part of Georgia and across Alabama and Mississippi. Spent some time at the Civil war battlefield near Vicksburg. Very interesting and somber. Through Louisiana and to Dallas area for a couple of days visiting relatives then north to Amarillo and west to NM. On to Four Corners and then the fabulous Arches National Park. Finally home and slept in my own bed for my birthday. The poodles were awesome travelers. never knew they were in the van. They just hop in their dog crates and sleep. We left home April 9th and returned April 30th so they got real good at motel manners!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Texas and beyond

Today we drove and drove and takes a long time to drive across Texas.
We eventually drove through Amarillo which appeared to be a busy alive town....unlike so many we drove through that were mostly boarded up with many abandoned buildings.

We did not stop until we arrived at the Midpoint Cafe along old Route 66 about 30 miles west of Amarillo. Jane and Mom will remember this place! Same funny friendly owners and wonderful pie. Then we drove into NM and by-passed Tucumcari. Mom, you are safe for a while :)

Now we are settled into our home for the night in Santa Rosa NM. Just headed off to find a local park and let the dogs get some play time. Tuesday we are headed to Gallup NM and then on to Utah

Hello to everyone...........we'll be home soon

Sunday, April 26, 2009

road trip

We are still on our way home to Oregon from PCA in Maryland. So far we have driven part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, seen the lovely Shenandoah Valley and been amazed with the beauty of West Virginia. Then on to Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mts. And through Alabama to VicksburgMs where the battlefield park gave me chills.

We are now in Lewisville Tx visiting kinfolk and will head out Monday for home.....more or less!

Carolyn and the very good poodle ambassadors Howie Norah Shelby and Lucy who have been in the van over 5300 miles and still hop into their crates happy campers every morning

Sunday, April 19, 2009


// click on PCA tracking test

Lots of photos of Shelby on the awards and candid pages; also camera one page 5 & 6, camera two page 6 & 7................looks like I'll be buying some photos!Today's agility was not quite as succesful as yesterday but amazingl// click on PCA tracking test

Lots of photos of Shelby on the awards and candid pages; also camera one page 5 & 6, camera two page 6 & 7................looks like I'll be buying some photos!Today's agility was not quite as succesful as yesterday but amazingly Howie Q'd in Jumpers again today. It took about 11 tries to get his three qualifying scores needed for his title and now twice in a row! Norah had great runs just marred with tiny booboos y Howie Q'd in Jumpers again today. It took about 11 tries to get his three qualifying scores needed for his title and now twice in a row! Norah had great runs just marred with tiny booboos

Saturday, April 18, 2009

SMKC agility

Howie and Norah were VERY good to me today at the Salisbury Md trial. I was just happy to see so many friends and enjoy the sunshine. But they Mini's made up for not certifying for the TD test with their agility runs today.Howie started out with his first every try at FAST and earned a Q and 2nd place. I had entered FAST in hopes of reinforcing his teeter which has become "iffy"lately. He had a run by in FAST but came right back and did the teeter. Alas, our standard run was a train wreck By afternoon we redeemed ourselves with a Q and 1st place in Exc A Preferred 12" JWW for his new title! The AJP has NOT come easy for Howie and I was thrilled to get that Q.

Norah got her very first QQ and 17 MACH points.

I saw lots of really nice poodle runs and met a whole new batch of poodle friends. So fun to go to a trial that has so many poodles!Time for a nap and back again Sunday for more fun and games


td test

TD test was Friday the 17th. 7 Standards, 1 Mini and 1 Toy. I withdrew the Mini, Lucy, as she did not seem to want to track. The test site was Fair Hill, near Elkton Md. A 5600 acre multiuse facility with beautiful rolling hills,light woods and the most beautiful emerald green grass. Perfect for tracking with ankle high grass. 6 of the 7 Standards passed as did my Toy, Shelby. This is a VERY high pass rate.I was so proud of Shelby as she marched up to the start flag, briefly nosed her"start" article (a sock) and proceeded down the track at a brisk pace and completed her 445 yards and 4 turns in 6 minutes. Shelby earned her TD in 2001and showed her experience

Agility today at the all breed trial.....but that is another post!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PCA adventures

we have driven over 3000 miles in 6 days and are settled in our hotel near Elkton Maryland. Tomorrow is a rest and relx day then the PCA TD test on Friday. Shelby and Lucy both have their TD's so are entered just for fun.

We drove over to check out the test site and the fields are lovely. The weather here has been rain and more rain but the forecast is for things to improve to sunny and mid 60's.

The poodles have been outstanding on our long drive. They are so quiet in their crates that you don't even know they are in the van. What good dogs they are.


Drive around Baltimore on a loop freeway was a bit stressful with driving rain, poor visibility and fast drivers. The N bound I-95 towards NYC was worse. Finally got off and took a parallel older US 40 route and had no problem. We splurged on a very nice "suite" hotel for two days and are settled in. Drove over to check out the Friday tracking site which is about 5 miles away. Lovely green fields and the forecast is for the rain to end a blue sky and 60 degrees by Friday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


On the road again................headed to Maryland for PCA and other adventures

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pretty Shelby the Princess

Shelby the princess from PCA 2007

Sunday, February 1, 2009

first MACH points

Norah earned her first MACH points this weekend......3 of them LOL It will be a long road to a MACH and I am not sure how long my checkbook or enthusiasm will hold out, but we will enjoy the ride as far as it goes

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting out 2009 with a bang !

Norah and Howie spent the first weekend of the year at an agility trial in a freezing cold horse arena. The poodles love the snow a lot more than I do. On Saturday Howie got his second Q in Excellent Standard. He had a beautiful run in JWW just missing a Q. In Standard, Norah misjudged a jump, taking down a bar for the first time ever, marring an otherwise very pretty run. We redeemed our selves with her second Q in Excllent JWW that afternoon.

Sunday was just as cold and miserable and the courses seemed much more challenging. Norah Q'd in Excellent earning her AX! YEAH!!! The run was a bit rough and sure showed us the holes in our training, but it was a Q. Howie had a beautiful run but had a refusal at the teeter so no Q.

After waiting for hours for our JWW Norah turned in an awkward and ugly run that managed to get her a Q and her title AXJ! She earned her three Q's in three straight tries but the last one sure was not pretty! Howie ran a short time later with a much nicer run, smooth and flowing but a mistimed rear cross on my part pushed him around one jump so no Q.

So a very cold weekend with two new titles; a nice way to start out the new year.