Monday, September 14, 2009

Utility: the good stuff!

After finishing their CDX's in July, Howie and Norah are both chugging away at Utility work. I mostly train at home but we had fun at the local park this weekend with the poodles playing at utility work. Some moments of real comprehension and some "what the heck?" moments! Howie has his AXP and could he possibly think it is OK to go UNDER a bar jump??? Silly boy!

Today we went to the same park and set up in the same area and Norah was VERY good. Howie, well, he is Howie :) On the plus side, he did not try to go under the bar today; but on the minus side he isn't really "getting" the jumping part of Directed Jumping. How very odd that a competent agility dog would find that so difficult??? But his go-outs, articles, gloves and moving stand showed real improvement so I am sure the DJ will come. I am trying to get them out at least three times a week to work away from home and take advantage of our lovely (almost) fall weather. The rains will be here soon enough. I have been able to rent floor space twice a month starting in November so at least this year won't see me bundled up like an Eskimo to train outside. Actually it isn't the cold I hate so much as the wet....oh and the lack of daylight hours !